Incinerated - Coast Guard Recon


From the bestselling author of the Callahan Security Series.

Meet Elias Mason of the US Coast Guard’s TEAM RECON. As in reconstructed. As in broken and needs fixing.

Team RECON has a new headquarters now—Miami, Florida, which also happens to be Elias’s hometown. He’s been avoiding his past like the plague, but there are some things you can’t outrun. Like the death of his best friend, his past involvement with the local gang, and his first love, Andrea Torres.
Andrea has been on a path of vengeance for years. Now an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Andy is determined to take down Santiago, the main runner of guns, money, and drugs in Miami, and the man who killed her sister. Her current undercover assignment has her so close to caging Santiago, she can taste it.

To stay on top, Santiago has to turn to buying guns from the Russians and selling them to militia groups. Elias and Andrea will need to bury their animosity and ignore the fiery chemistry between them to run a game of deception as insiders for Santiago. Pretending to be the couple they once were in order to bring their common enemy to justice would work if only the Russians didn’t have other plans.

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PJ Ausdenmore
Another Page Turner

Talk about conflict; this book is steaming with it! Lori Matthews continues her string of intense, tightly-woven, suspense novels with another page turner that I devoured in one sitting.

First of all, I loved the setting. Matthews really captures the South Florida vibe, placing me squarely in the center of her lush, tropical section of town that teems with diverse neighborhoods and pulsing nightlife while barely hiding a drug-infested, life-or-death underbelly. The essence of cut-throat criminals and the agents determined to take them down led me on an edge-of-my-seat journey with my heart in my throat most of the way. And the twists. So many twists!

Then there are the human characters. Matthews really excels at creating complex, multi-layered characters who pull me in, engaging my emotions even when I fight against it. She makes them relatable, intriguing, and gives them nuances in shades of gray. In short, she makes them feel real. I connected with Elias and Andrea almost immediately, even though they were enemies at the start, both having good reason to mistrust the other. There’s that conflict again. Matthews leads them through a complicated and difficult journey, both physically and emotionally. The suspense/action/danger of their joint mission takes the lead but their emotional evolution was not overlooked. Only with growth (on both of their parts) would a reconciliation be possible. Only with communication and deep introspection could soul-baring apologies be offered…and accepted.

This is the third book in Matthews’ RECON series. All of the team members are present in this story though the teams’ mission and Elias and Andrea’s romance are both begun and concluded within the book. This is a series where we see all the team members in each book but each book really does stand on its own. Although I prefer to read books in order, I do think readers would be able to start anywhere and not feel confused or as if they were missing vital information. Having said that, I do recommend all three books currently published and am already eagerly anticipating more.

Kristen Lewendon (amazon)
I’m hooked

Let’s be honest, I was already most of the way in love with the members of Team RECON before I even cracked the spine on this baby. So, it’s probably no surprise that I was immediately drawn into this book. It pulls together so many frightening possibilities from recent headlines that I have to wonder if there isn’t somewhere that this story is actually taking place. It also gives me that greatest of all catnips to my imagination: a second chance. It also won’t come as a shock to anyone that I was cheering for Elias and Andy to air their differences and find their way back to one another. I’m hooked. I’m a Team RECON groupie now, and I can’t wait to see what the author brings us next.

Darcy (bookbub)
This book has it all with edge of your seat, non stop action involving the Russians, Cubans, militia and Miami’s street gangs. It is also a second chance romance filled with old hurts, betrayals and loss. You won’t be disappointed as Andy and Elias are forced to work together and bring an old for to justice. Another amazing story with the fierce men of Team RECON and the women, who are their equal.

Sue (bookbub)

Wow…. can’t believe I’ve only just found this series, it was absolutely brilliant.

Told from the POV of both characters Elias and Andy, Team Recon take over the investigation much to ATF’s annoyance, and so these ex lover’s need to work together to try and bring down the Street Aces.

Thrilling storyline, fantastic characters and absolutely loved the HEA.

I will certainly be looking out for the next book in the series!

Jinger (amazon)
Attention Grabbing

Conflicted by Lori Matthews is an attention grabbing, action packed book. Coast Guard RECON is a new series for me. I love romantic suspense and it has everything I look for in a great book. The characters are well developed. Elias and Andy are strong and have off the charts chemistry but the supporting characters are also phenomenal. Hopefully their stories are coming. The storyline is fast moving and jam packed with suspense. I’m going to go back and read the ones I missed and add Lori to my list of authors I follow.

Perrin (bookbub)
Can you say romantic suspense? Conflicted, the 3rd book in the Coast Guard RECON series, absolutely fits the bill.

Elias and Andy (Andrea) have a history, so when Andy has to call in reinforcements for a raid and Elias is one of them, it’s quite interesting to say the least.

Can you say twists and turns? Gosh…so much to process in this fabulous book. I loved it!

I’ve read all of the books in this series and think it is easier to kind of follow the plot and everyone in the book, if you’ve read the first two. You don’t have to, but it helps keep track of everyone!


If you’re looking for a ‘go to’ for romantic suspense, well written and researched books, and an all around good story, you can’t go wrong with this author.