Incinerated - Coast Guard Recon


Former racing driver, Dalton Hughes, renowned for his lightning-fast reflexes and insatiable desire for speed, faces his biggest challenge yet: Being team manager on a shoestring budget. When one of his drivers dies in a fiery crash, his world starts to skid off track. To make matters worse, the insurance adjuster assigned to the case is none other than the woman who stole his heart.

Greer Styger, a talented racing driver in her own right, dreads the prospect of confronting the past she’d left behind. Sent to Austria to investigate a death on the track, her curiosity ignites a suspicion that the accident was staged to cover up a murder. Reuniting with Dalton, the reckless man who once stole her heart, will thrust her into a mystery filled with danger and deceit.

As they race to unravel the truth, the attraction between them rekindles. But a killer lurking in the shadows will do anything to stop them. Dalton and Greer discover that their love never truly died; it has only shifted gears. Now, with the truth on the line, they are in for the ride of their lives. Will they reach the finish line, or will they crash and burn?

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The New Series : LOCK & KEY

The security team of the Lock & Key Society spend their days wrangling the monsters in the dark. There’s not much time for love but soon they’re going to find out, life happens, even in the shadows. They’ve committed their lives to the Society but what happens when love gets in the way?

Follow the adventures of the Lock & Key Society elite security team where danger lurks around every corner and they risk not only their lives but their hearts.