Incinerated - Coast Guard Recon


When a cargo ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal, and an American journalist on board ends up dead, Axel Cantor is sent to investigate. Little did he know his former girlfriend would be onboard.

Sloan Bishop is there to document the first-ever female pilot to navigate the canal. But then, the ship runs aground, and her best friend and fellow journalist, Eddie, is murdered. Sloan isn’t sure who to trust.

As the body count rises on the stuck cargo ship, Axel and Sloan will have to risk everything to find out who is behind the murders and the murderer’s plans for the people left on board.

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Reading in Morgan Hill (amazon)
Ripped from the headlines!

A ‘ripped from the headlines’ novel this has all my favorite things! It’s a thriller, second chance at romance, suspense, who-done-it, international intrigue…pretty much hits all the right buttons for me. It might fit right in with folks who dwell on conspiracy theories too!

Incinerated by Lori Matthews is the second book in the Coast Guard RECON series. Although, it can be read as a stand-alone, I suggest reading the first book in the series since the major players in this book are introduced in the first. There is also much series background you would be missing.

I love the dialogue, the mystery, and the twists and turns this book takes. A must read for fans of any of the above mentioned genres.

Denim*n*Diamonds (amazon)
Thrilling, thought provoking, suspenseful romance

 Incinerated by Lori Matthews is the second installment of the Coast Guard RECON Book Series. We are taken on the journey with Axe and Sloan as they navigate the Suez Canal when a cargo ship gets stuck. When things aren’t what they seem, and innocent people start ending up dead, it is up to Axe and his RECON team to figure out who is behind it all before more people get hurt. Will Axe and Sloan be able to put aside their past hurt and be able to rekindle their love? Or will it be too late? Exciting read, all the way until the end!

Lauren (amazon)
Thriller in the Real World

This author has become one of my favorites in this genre, and this book is an excellent example of why. I was already a fan after the Callahan Security Series, but these books have taken that to the next level. And the Callahan brothers even make a cameo here. This ARC like most of those I have read was provided by the Hidden Gems ARC program.

This story takes place during the blockage of the Suez Canal in March 2021, Sloan Bishop, is a reporter who is on the ship to report on the first female pilot to navigate the canal. Once the cargo ship is stuck, even more seems to be going on so, Coast Guard sends Axel Cantor, who happens to be in the area. Axel was part of the USCG Team Recon, from the first book but has recently gone back to regular duty with the Coast Guard. He also happens to be Sloan’s ex, who broke up with her because of her reporting on him and his prior missions.

As they start investigating the death of another journalist on the ship, they begin to see that there is more going on here. The USCG Team Recon are called in to help Axel and Sloan in this difficult and dangerous situation they find themselves in. The story is a lot of action and adventure while developing the relationship between Axel and Sloan and how they could possibly find a way back together. Really like both the real-life aspect of the story and involvement of Axel and the Team Recon.

Sahar’s Honest Reviews (amazon)
Second Chance Romance with Suspense That Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat

A ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal, and the first female Middle Eastern pilot is blamed for the disaster. Sloan knows that the pilot is innocent, and she knows that the truth is deadly. She witnessed her friend get murdered in front of her eyes. Why does the ship get stuck, and how many people will have to die for the sake of the truth?

Sloan wants to be like her father, a driven reporter, but to what end, and at what cost? Her tenacity had already cost her the love of her life. Can Sloan achieve a balance? Before she can answer the question, she must survive the flying bullets and the falling bodies. When Axel comes onboard to investigate the death of Sloan’s journalist friend, the mission gets extremely dangerous. Treachery and lies will be the name of the game. Luckily, Axel’s Coast Guard team are on hand to assist, but it will not be an easy mission. Danger will surround them, and it will come from every corner. As axel and Sloan face unbeatable odds, will they survive, and can they rekindle their love? They will have quite a few challenges to overcome. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to those who like romantic suspense. I could not stop turning the pages.

obie2930 (amazon)
Thrilling and action-packed

This book about Axel and Sloan along with the Team RECON was quite the thriller and definitely packed with lots of action. The characters were extremely well written and the interchange between characters from this book as well as other books by this author made for an excellent read. The connection between Axel and Sloan began in the past. Meeting in the present day brought angst between them and I really liked how the author slowly brought the angst to a crescendo then to a final resolution. Sloan’s character is a persistent, go-get-the-story reporter. She aspires to be like her father getting the latest scoops for the news no matter what the consequences are. Axel’s character is an upstanding guy who is dealing with past tragedies and his feelings about those tragedies. The members on Team RECON just added that much more interest and action to this book and I really appreciate the twists and turns the author included in this book. It held my attention and was really hard to put down.

Coyotecactus (amazon)
Suspenseful, action- packed and throw in a little romance

A riveting book that is full of adventure, suspense and danger. Throw in a little romance which causes more adventure and you have a great book. The author did a great job with this one. It kept me on the edge throughout. Can’t wait to read more.