The Callahan Security Series

Lori Matthews-Break and Enter

Break and Enter

Mitch Callahan just got into the private security business, bringing him head-to-head with Alexandra Buchannan, who uses her talents as a thief to equalize the scales of romantic justice. Soon their game of cat and mouse explodes into a million pieces. Unbeknownst to them, there’s another player in the game, and his intentions are far deadlier.

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Lori Matthews-Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab

Logan Callahan always knew Lacy Carmichael was trouble. He just had no idea how much. He follows Lacy to the Bahamas to find out if she’s a spy but he’s swept up in her kidnapping before he can get a straight answer. Now Lacy will have to reveal her secrets but will it be enough to help them survive?
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Lori Matthews-Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Gage Callahan knew his latest assignment with Callahan Security was going to be a disaster. He traipsed around Europe to locate the computer programmer he was hired to protect only to discover she’s actually a hacker hiding in Alaska. Tensions mount when she narrowly escapes becoming roadkill as a vicious organization comes after her. It will take all his ingenuity to rush her to safety, especially when Gage’s primary objective…get her and the prototype to New York…becomes secondary to protecting his heart from a fatal attraction to the spunky woman.
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Lori Matthews - Evade and Capture

Evade and Capture

Jameson Drake created all kind of theories over the years about what happened to his sister Kathleen but the truth is more shocking than even he could have imagined.

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Brotherhood Protectors World

Lori Matthews-Justified Misfortune

Justified Misfortune

Hudson Riggs has returned to his family’s ranch after years spent traveling the world. The former Navy SEAL accepted a position as a Personal Security Specialist, a job that didn’t leave much free time. He never expected his visit to his hometown to turn into another job. His former High School flame has been arrested for murder but Hudson’s gut instinct is she didn’t do it. All he has to do now is prove it.

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Lori Matthews - Justified Burden

Justified Burden

Is ex-Navy SEAL Rhys Bennett up to the task of protecting interior designer Scarlett Jones from being harassed? He thinks so until it turns out her stalker may actually be a killer and they’ve already gotten away with one murder.

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