The Callahan Security Series

If you love heart-pounded action, thrilling adventure & sizzling romance, check out the Callahan Security series. Three brothers inherit their father’s security company and immediately get embroiled in the world of cutting-edge technology where espionage and murder are the name of the game.

Break and Enter Book Cover

Break and Enter

Alex’s latest job is her biggest challenge yet. Her target just hired a new security company, and the team’s leader, Mitch Callahan, is as smart as he is sexy. Soon their game of cat and mouse explodes into a million pieces.
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Lori Matthews-Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab

Logan Callahan suspects Lacy Carmichael is a spy, but when he’s accidentally swept up in her kidnapping, her secrets start to be revealed. Will he live long enough to discover the truth?
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Lori Matthews-Hit and Run

Hit and Run

When a fiercely independent hacker gets in over her head, her gruff bodyguard must save them both from a web of deceit and betrayal without destroying her software or their budding love.
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Lori Matthews - Evade and Capture

Evade and Capture

Jameson Drake created all kind of theories over the years about what happened to his sister Kathleen but the truth is more shocking than even he could have imagined.
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Break and Enter Book Cover

Catch and Release

Madison Montgomery has no idea why a former Russian GRU agent is following her, but she is relieved to have help. Jake Boxer doesn’t want the job of protecting Monty, but he has no choice when the police show up at his hotel. Now they are on the run, and he’s determined to keep Monty safe even if he isn’t sure she’s innocent.
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