Coast Guard Hawaii

The first Coast Guard RECON team had done well. Now the top brass wants to try it again with a new group of injured Special Operations team members. This time they are stationed in Hawai’i. But things don’t go so smoothly. Used to being the best of the best, it’s hard to adapt to their new limitations. Sitting on the sidelines is taking a toll on them mentally and physically. They might not be ready for combat yet, but unless something was done soon to keep them busy, they’d all go off the rails.

Diverted Book Cover

A Lethal Betrayal

McKenna Rankin is determined to find a killer and fighting her attraction to the prime suspect isn’t on her agenda. When the investigation heats up so does her attraction to Dane Landry as they navigate the high-stakes world of the US Coast Guard. Dane and Mac race to uncover the real murderer before it’s too late for their feelings and their lives.

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