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Locked In

Flynn O’Connor, a pragmatic member of the elite security team for the Lock and Key Society, meets his match in Harper Edwards, the Deputy Mayor of Cedar Bluff, Maine.

Flynn is sent to Everlasting Manor to investigate some odd, unexplainable occurrences. Members are complaining the place is haunted. Flynn doesn’t believe in ghosts but things soon take a turn when a local girl is found dead and evidence points to her having been inside the Manor. Flynn must protect the sanctity of the Society at all costs.

Harper, grieving the loss of her niece’s best friend, vows to investigate. When Everlasting Manor is implicated, she goes undercover and comes face to face with Flynn. Their attraction is as intense as it is undeniable but it comes at a price.

Drawn together in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse against an unknown enemy, Flynn’s skepticism wavers as Harper unravels unthinkable secrets that even he struggles to believe. As they descend deeper into the Manor’s hidden layers, the stakes become deadly, forcing Flynn into a race against time to save the woman who’s shattered his guarded reality.

Just when you think you’ve cracked the story, “Locked In” thrusts you into a final, unexpected twist that will leave you questioning every shadow and gasping for the next page. Will Harper and Flynn unveil the truth in time, or will their love cost them everything? Don’t miss this adrenaline-pumping second installment in the Lock & Key Society series.

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The New Series : LOCK & KEY

The security team of the Lock & Key Society spend their days wrangling the monsters in the dark. There’s not much time for love but soon they’re going to find out, life happens, even in the shadows. They’ve committed their lives to the Society but what happens when love gets in the way?

Follow the adventures of the Lock & Key Society elite security team where danger lurks around every corner and they risk not only their lives but their hearts.