Incinerated - Coast Guard Recon


Meet Finn Walsh of the US Coast Guard’s TEAM RECON. As in reconstructed. As in broken and needs fixing.

After an abandoned ship is found in international waters, Team RECON is summoned by Homeland Security to find answers. Finn Walsh has massive reservations about boarding the empty ex-US Navy ship. His worst fears come to life he finds a hidden stash of dead bodies.

Homeland Security analyst Victory Stanhope evaluates foreign and domestic terrorist cells from the safety of a desk in Washington D.C. But when a ‘request’ to investigate an abandoned ship comes from the Director himself, Tory heads back into the field as the reluctant leader of a Coast Guard special operations team. Life becomes more interesting after she realizes that the unforgettable man she slept with once at a low point in her life is part of the team she’s overseeing.

Tory and Finn must solve the riddle of what happened to the crew of the Oceanus Explorer and who is selling government secrets to other nations.

The stakes get even higher when Tory realizes that the sinister mastermind of the treasonous plot is closer to home than she thought possible.

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The New Series : Coast Guard Recon

It was all good in theory. Injured and not quite ready to go back to their respective special operations groups, the top brass were giving them extra time to get their shit together. The Coast Guard invested millions in training in Nick and the rest of his new so-called team. They didn’t want to lose all that if they didn’t have to.

“Apparently, you all get into serious trouble when you’re not…engaged in your normal duties. The brass does not want any more incidents like having their top tier operators being arrested in a bar brawl.” Nick’s boss the admiral had said. But what did he expect? They were all highly trained men used to being in the fight, and sitting on the sidelines was killing them, physically and mentally. They might not be ready for the main event, but if he didn’t find something for them to do soon, they were all likely to implode.