Incinerated - Coast Guard Recon

Locked Out

In this heart-pounding thriller, alliances will be tested, secrets will be unveiled, and the fate of the coveted family bible hangs in the balance.

In the heart of Venice, secrets are buried deeper than the canals, and danger lurks around every corner. Cash Walker, the unflinching guardian of secrets, is here to ensure a high-stakes tech meeting proceeds without a hitch. But he’s not alone. Riss Day, driven by the burning desire to unearth her mysterious birth family’s past, has come to this ancient city in search of answers.

Twice, someone has tried to snuff out Riss’s life, and twice, Cash has emerged as her unexpected savior. Now, there’s a chilling ultimatum on the table for Riss: join the enigmatic Lock and Key Society, or face an uncertain fate.

The coveted prize at the center of this treacherous web is the elusive family bible, a relic with the power to change destinies. While Cash races against time to protect Riss and secure the bible for the Society, Riss herself becomes increasingly determined to claim it for her own, regardless of the risks.

As the tensions rise, Cash’s resolve to safeguard Riss clashes with her unwavering determination to uncover her birth family’s secrets. But when a new, deadly threat emerges, Riss finds herself cornered and longing for Cash’s help.

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The New Series : LOCK & KEY

The security team of the Lock & Key Society spend their days wrangling the monsters in the dark. There’s not much time for love but soon they’re going to find out, life happens, even in the shadows. They’ve committed their lives to the Society but what happens when love gets in the way?

Follow the adventures of the Lock & Key Society elite security team where danger lurks around every corner and they risk not only their lives but their hearts.