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Break And Enter

$4.99 - $13.99

In this captivating romantic thriller by acclaimed author Lori Matthews, prepare to be swept away into a world where love and danger collide. An enemies to lovers, hidden identity, alpha male, protector romance

Meet Alexandra Buchannan, a skilled professional with a unique talent for seeking romantic justice through her unconventional means. No cherished possession is out of her reach, until her latest mission throws her into the path of a captivating adversary. Mitch Callahan, the leader of a top-notch security team, is as intelligent as he is undeniably attractive, making him a formidable opponent for Alexandra.

As the tension escalates and their cat-and-mouse game intensifies, the line between enemies and lovers becomes increasingly blurred. Alexandra finds herself irresistibly drawn to Mitch, even as she risks everything she holds dear. Mitch, torn between his duty and his growing infatuation, must navigate a treacherous path filled with intrigue and unexpected revelations.

But when a dangerous new player emerges, their fragile connection is shattered, and they are thrust into a perilous race against time. With their lives hanging in the balance, Alexandra and Mitch must confront their deepest fears and trust in each other to survive the deadly game they find themselves trapped in.

Lori Matthews weaves a tale of suspense, passion, and hidden identities that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Prepare to be enthralled as Alexandra and Mitch's forbidden attraction collides with a threat that could change their lives forever. Will they overcome the obstacles before them, or will they become casualties in a deadly game of love and deception?