From The Writing Cave

When Fingers do the Talking

March 31, 2021

So, I asked for and received dictation software for Christmas. I was super excited to try it. I set it all up, and yes, I was proud of myself for not having to ask for help to get it to work. Yay me! I got all set up, had my tea next to me, my “office” door (bedroom door, if I’m being candid) closed, and my headphones on. I hit the start button and…nothing. Nada. Not one blessed thing. Not one thought came into my head. I started at the screen for about ten minutes, waiting. I kept thinking any second now, my muse will kick in, and I can start writing. Yeah, no. Nothing happening. I put my fingers on the keyboard, and I had a paragraph in less than a minute. I took them off and nothing. Apparently, my characters won’t talk to my mouth, only to my fingers. This is a problem I had not anticipated. I can speak faster than I type, so I had big hopes for this software. Now, I’m at a loss. Any ideas on how to make this work? I’m wide open to any suggestions…