From The Writing Cave


April 14, 2021

Interruptions are a part of all of our lives. These days, in particular, it can be hard to carve out time to work or relax without interruptions. I am aware of this, and I’ve tried to create a bit of a schedule when I need to write scenes that require more concentration. Today this is not working. Seriously, for the love of God, I need an hour of uninterrupted time to finish this sex scene!!! First, the dog came and whined because she wanted to play fetch. I played with her and then came back to my desk. Tea in hand, I read the last bit I wrote and then started again. My daughter came in ten minutes later and asked a question. Then the phone rang. My husband wandered by to ask about lunch. Now, the dog is back, and the cat has joined her. He currently wants to sit on my laptop keyboard. I know a great many authors that can write a sex scene just about anywhere. I am not one of them. After re-reading what I wrote, the current situation is this: my heroine is naked and bald because my hero was holding her up by her hair. Note to self: The hero can only have one hand in the heroine’s hair at a time if he’s holding her up. Sigh. I apologize in advance if you read one of my sex scenes and ask yourself, What the heck? Is that even physically possible? Now you know what happened and understand why my heroine is bald.