From The Writing Cave


April 21, 2021

I like to snack while I write. It’s a horrible habit and one that has only gotten worse. It’s a real problem. Not only am I gaining weight, but my keyboard gets greasy. I do wipe my hands before I type, but the grease from the popcorn can be pesky to get off. And the dog shows up. It’s hard to write while she’s staring at me, willing me to drop food. The cat also shows up because he loves crunchy things. Go figure. Then there’s the time involved. Eat a piece of popcorn. Wipe hand. Ignore the dog. Type a sentence or two. Push cat off the keyboard and away from the bowl—type another few sentences. Repeat. It really takes away from my writing time. It would be so much better if I could get my brain working with the dictation software. Of course, then I would have it turn it off, so it didn’t hear me chew…