From The Writing Cave

Editing is Tedious

May 18, 2021

Yes, as writers, we’re not supposed to tell you that any part of the writing process is difficult or tedious, but the reality is much different. At least for me.

Editing can be fun, but sometimes it is just deadly dull, not to mention annoying. When I get the suggestions and notes from my editor, I am usually excited to see what she has said. I actually look forward to making my stories more robust and more engaging. However, there are times when editing is so painful, I have to force myself to sit in my chair and continue working. Sometimes I have to set a timer, and I’m not allowed to get up until it goes off.

The problem is that in my mind, at a certain point, after I have fixed the big things (think plot holes you can drive a truth through), the story is finished, and my brain has moved on to other things. So going back and having to fix details becomes agonizing. I find myself thinking, the reader is smart enough to know what I mean, why do I have to write every little detail?

The answer is because they can’t see inside my head, and if I scrimp on details, then the story loses focus. Knowing the reasons why I have to fix minor details does not take away from the tedium. Eating chocolate does. So as I edit my latest manuscript, I find myself setting a timer and eating chocolate, and you can bet I’ll have a glass of wine when I’m done.