From The Writing Cave

Judging books by their covers

May 25, 2021

We all do it. How else are you going to decide to even look at a book? The cover is what draws us all in, and the blurb on the back completes the sale. Of course, as writers, we know this, but as booksellers, that sometimes causes us great difficulties.

You see, every genre has a particular look to the book covers. Cozy mysteries often have quilts or cats on them and look, well, cozy. Psychological thrillers are dark covers with a mysterious half a face or a person walking away on the cover. Or fog. Fog is big these days. Romantic suspense uses a woman in the mist with her back to the camera as well.

And for me, therein lies the problem because romance covers are changing. It used to be the half-naked man and then the couple. Now it could be either of those or a cartoon cover as well. Romantic suspense can be the woman in the fog or the man with the naked chest or a couple or honestly just about anything. So how are readers supposed to identify my books?

When I decided on the cover of Break and Enter, I was new to indie publishing and didn’t realize how much impact the book cover would have. So, I chose what I liked. I don’t regret it. But now, I’m starting a new series, and I have no idea what the cover should look like. It’s another romantic thriller series. So, if you have a favorite type of cover or any suggestion, please comment. I need help on this one. Truly.