From The Writing Cave

Strange Things

February 10, 2021

So I’ve been doing a thing that’s a little odd. Okay, I probably do a lot of strange things, but this is a writing thing. I wrote my last two books simultaneously, and I plan to continue to try to write that way. It’s odd because I didn’t start out writing two books at once. I was working away on the first book in a new series back in October, and a scene popped into my head. It wouldn’t go away, so I wrote the scene down. Then a character wouldn’t leave me alone. He chatted endlessly at me. It was distracting. I decided I needed to write the second story while I wrote the first, so I wouldn’t be so distracted. Some characters are like that, very demanding, and they won’t let up. They really want their story told, and they want it done now.

Other characters are more chill about telling their story. If I’m being honest, some are downright lazy and don’t want to work at all. It can be very frustrating. Anyway, writing the two books at once worked out rather well. Some days I would work on one story in the morning and the second in the afternoon. I didn’t write in a specific order. I worked on the one that called to me first. Other days I would just write more on one book. I did notice I had to make a few notes, so I could remember the relevant details for each book. In the end, I managed to finish two 80K.books in ten weeks. A record for me. don’t know if either of the books is any good. I have no doubts my editors will let me know, but I enjoyed the process, and I am trying it again. Cross your fingers.