The Callahan Security Series

If you love heart-pounded action, thrilling adventure & sizzling romance, check out the Callahan Security series. Three brothers inherit their father’s security company and immediately get embroiled in the world of cutting-edge technology where espionage and murder are the name of the game.

Hit and Run Book Cover

Hit and Run

Gage Callahan knew his latest assignment with Callahan Security was going to be a disaster. He traipsed around Europe to locate the computer programmer he was hired to protect only to discover she’s actually a hacker hiding in Alaska. Tensions mount when she narrowly escapes becoming roadkill as a vicious organization comes after her. It will take all his ingenuity to rush her to safety, especially when Gage’s primary objective…get her and the prototype to New York…becomes secondary to protecting his heart from a fatal attraction to the spunky woman.

Dani Pierce is used to working on the dark web but now she is truly scared because deadly trouble has arrived at her front door. The self-reliant hacker knows she’ll need help to survive her contract to build facial recognition software. The aggravating yet handsome man hired to protect her makes it clear he detests her, but that doesn’t stop her from developing feelings for him.

It soon becomes apparent to Gage that Dani’s in deeper than she’ll admit but her answers don’t explain why the deadly gang after her is always one step ahead. It will take his military skills and her hacking know-how to save not only their butts, but the budding love they’ve discovered in the midst of danger.

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Hit and Run

I enjoyed reading this book.It is fast moving and compelling with edge of the chair and nail bitting suspense. The writing flowed easily and effortless and the characters you will fall in love with. They are strong,yet vulnerable, seeking love but afraid to step out on faith and sexy and beautiful. You will love the chase and hide, the twist and turns and the final phrase when it all comes together.Overall an outstanding and amazing book and will not be disappointed by selecting it.

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