From The Writing Cave

Noms de Guerre

February 24, 2021

What’s in a name? When it comes to my characters, I have no idea. If you’ve been reading these posts, then you’re starting to see a theme emerge. Yes, I actually know very little about each story before I write the book, and much of the plot is left up to chance. Probably not the best way to write, but it works for me. Sorry, I digress, back to names. A lot of times, my characters arrive in my brain already named. I can visualize them clearly, and they are good to go. Other times I need to find a name for them, which can be trickier. It’s kind of like adopting a pet or several pets all at once and trying to figure out what name they’ll answer to that is also appealing. Some of my characters have names I love, some others, not so much. I am writing one now where I have no idea how I came up with this name. If I could change it, I would, but I thought of the name many moons ago, and this character has been in several previous books, so I’m stuck with it, or rather he’s stuck with it. That’s all part of writing. A thought that was appealing a few books ago sometimes leaves a bit to be desired down the road. When it comes to names, I try to find ones that appeal to me and seem to suit the character, but occasionally, I missed the mark. I like this character’s first name, but I am not fond of the last name. Hmm. Maybe I’ll add that to the storyline somehow…